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Never worry about your WordPress website Updates, Backups, Uptime, or Security Monitoring again!

Enjoy ongoing support and guidance from CreateWP Web Studio.

Why do you need to do WordPress Website Maintenance?

The worldwide web can be confusing, and that is not helped by the information technology industry constantly coming up with new lingo and tech innovations – so let’s try to keep this simple. Your website is just a bunch of files on a large, computer called a server. You have built your website and created some content and possibly also advertising your website to the world. 

But you can’t just set it and forget it. Those WordPress files need to be updated every so often to fend off malicious people who seek out vulnerabilities in your website, costing you money, time, and adding stress to your life.

Similarly, plugins are like mini-programs or apps adding features to your site. Almost every WordPress site uses at least one plugin, and most sites use dozens. These plugins need to be updated, otherwise, your WordPress website could be plagued with bugs and security issues.

Explore our WordPress Maintenance Service Features:


Scheduled backups to secured offsite storage is essential. If something catastrophic happens to your website, a roll-back might be the only way to get it back online. CreateWP uses a robust and reliable Cloud Storage Infrastructure.


When WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates become available – it is essential to install them. New releases typically address known vulnerabilities or compatibility issues. You’ll also likely benefit from new features and code optimisation.


We run a security scanning tool over your website to test for known Malware, Blacklisting, Injected Spam, Vulnerable Software, and Defacement. The sooner these issues can be detected and resolved the better for you and your visitors.


We will send you a detailed monthly report outlining exactly what we’ve done to ensure the health, safety, and success of your website. You can also get an overview of your visitor trends, Keyword Rankings, Performance overview and much more.


Going offline is one of the worst things that can happen to your website – especially if you don’t know. Our sophisticated website monitor system, will alert us immediately – then we’ll begin assisting you with getting up and running again.


We’ll update your Premium Plugins and Themes – and download these on your behalf. We’ll renew/cancel your licenses if needed – and also ensure you get the best prices through industry contacts or special offers.

Choose a maintenance plan

Economy Plan

Monthly Backups
Monthly Core Updates
Monthly Plugin Updates
Monthly Theme Updates
No discount on WordPress Support*
Maintenance Reports
Weekly Security Scan
Uptime Monitoring
SEO Rank Tracking
Performance Benchmarks
Link Monitoring
License Management

Business Plan

Weekly Backups
Weekly Core Updates
Weekly Plugin Updates
Weekly Theme Updates
5% discount on WordPress Support*
Maintenance Reports
Weekly Security Scan
Uptime Monitoring
SEO Rank Tracking
Performance Benchmarks
Link Monitoring
License Management

Enterprise Plan

Daily Backups
Priority Core Updates
Priority Plugin Updates
Priority Theme Updates
10% discount on WordPress Support*
Maintenance Reports
Daily Security Scan
Uptime Monitoring
SEO Rank Tracking
Performance Benchmarks
Link Monitoring
License Management

*support discounts are up to the monthly value of your maintenance plan

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Susan Tilley
Read More
Create WP offers a super efficient service with a high level of technical expertise. Their support is always very prompt and responsive and they're always happy to assist with resolving any technical issues.
Peter McDonald
Read More
I have used CreateWP to create a number of websites over a number of years> I've found them to listen to what I need, as well as creative and responsive when I've needed some extra help. I strongly recommend them!


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4 Easy ways to keep your WordPress Website secure

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*The monthly amount will be automatically deducted from your account you have provided us on the day that you have started your subscription. This amount will be fixed for 24 months and you will have the option to auto-renew your subscription. Should you decide to stop the subscription the following services will be canceled:

  • Hosting (either you could continue with hosting only at a lower rate per month or we will have to migrate your site to a new provider which can cost you up to $350 for the migration only. )
  • Plugin licences won’t get renewed, but you will be able to use it still. 
  • Backup support will be cancelled 
  • Security support will be cancelled

**This amount will be deducted from your account together with your first subscription amount, once-off. 

*** We will give you a domain for free for the first year. The domain renewals cost $50 per year.

**** We will be using Elementor pro and Crocoblocks to build your website templates. You will be able to use these plugins while you are a subscriber. Once you cancel your subscription we will remove the licences of these plugins. Should you migrate your website to a different server you will still be able to use the plugins but you won’t be getting any updates. You will be able to purchase your own licences. 

***** CreateWP will help you get started, setting up your website, adding your logo and applying brand colours. If you have your own content, photos, copy, we will help you add the content to your pages. We can help you write content for your site at an additional cost. Your subscription allows for up to 6 hours of support. 

****** The subscription plans have a minimum term of 24 months. This subscription includes monthly plugin updates on your website.

Read our detailed terms and conditions here.