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We are confident in our technical knowledge and ability to deliver all aspects of a project, our technical capabilities include:



create wp wordpress website development

Analytics & Event Tracking

Do you need help to get Actionable Analytics. Data that is relevant and meaningful. Data that is easy to understand and actionable. Data that answers your questions and generates new ones. No problem, CreateWP can help you with setting up event tracking Analytics on your website.

create wp wordpress website development

Website Design

Do you need a new website or even a website re-design? CreateWP can help you with the design and development of a business website or eCommerce website. CreateWP will make sure your website is responsive and consumer-focused in the real world and online.

create wp wordpress website development


Are you having trouble with Google listing your website for relevant keywords? SEO is a long game in comparison to Google Adwords, but worth the investment. It means that you can attract visitors to your site organically. CreateWP can help with Goolge liking your website more.

create wp wordpress website development

Custom WordPress CMS

That’s why CreateWP is so good. CreateWP can do anything from a simple build to a carefully detailed custom development. We approach each project according to its needs. We always develop something that clients will be able to manage and use themselves.

create wp wordpress website development

eCommerce Website

Ecommerce businesses can grow very fast and you need a web design company that understands that and an ecommerce platform that can grow with you. Based on what we have learned as website designers and eCommerce developers, we have produced a essential checklist for setting up a eCommerce store right the first time.

create wp wordpress website development

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to directly converse with your customers. We can design emails that trigger clicks and drive traffic to your page through the use of attractive supporting images and clear call-to-actions.